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2#Lior Rubin 2017-11-02 18:03:41
ContentHi, i buy /zastone L2000/ in your web site, i see that it acn work in /UHF / VHF/ but when i use the /Note 1/ programming tool to write frequencies on the radios, it shows only UHF 400-480mhz frequencies.. how can i use vhf in this radios and how to write this frequencies? thanks.
Admin ReplyHi,Lior Rubin it only work in /UHF
1#Georges Hayet 2017-10-12 22:13:34
ContentHi, I just order a Zastone D9000 on Aliexpress. I need to know what to do to get the 220Mhz TX option as described on the product box for Canada ham radio band (same as USA). Regards
Admin Reply This radio 220Mhz is still on reach onw, can not supply it to you now.
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