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  1. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio
  2. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio
  3. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio
  4. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio
  5. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio
  6. ZT-A8 Two Way Radio

ZT-A8 Two Way Radio

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Model No.ZT-A8
General Specification
Frequency RangeVHF136~174MHz/ UHF400~480MHz
Output PowerHigh power< 10w, Low power< 5w
Channel16 channels
Channel SpacingWide Band:25KHz/ Narrow Band: 12.5KHz
Antenna Temperature-20℃ to +50℃
Working VoltageDC8V
Battery Type2200mAh Li-ion battery
Dimension(antenna excluding)132(H)x61(W)x40(D)mm
Model Info
CTCSSNone/ Anolog Digital
DCS60Hz-265Hz/ d001n-d777I
Power SettingH≤10W, L≤5W
Wide/Narrow SettingWide 25KHz; Narrow 12.5KHz
ScanOnly Scan the added channels
BCLWhen channel is busy, the TX is not allow
Selecting Functions
TOTPrevent long time and limit TX time
BeeperBeeper sound when turn on the radio
SQL0~9 setting level
LanguageChinese/ English
Battery Save Mode8 types of model for select
VOX FunctionHands free communicate
VOX levelSensitivity level for VOX function
VOX time-lapse(s)Time-lapse for TX
Switch On SoundWith a switch sound
"HA" SoundWhen switch the code, there will have a "Du" sound
TAIL EliminationWill clear the tail sounds
Low Battery warningWhen battery is low, radio will reminder for charging
Low Battery ReminderEvery 10s with "DI" sound
Channels for Auto ScanWhen knob to channel 16, radio will work into scan model
TX End soundAfter TX with a "Du" Sound