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  1. Mini Talk 7 FM Transceiver Two Way Radio
  2. Mini Talk 7 FM Transceiver Two Way Radio
  3. Mini Talk 7 FM Transceiver Two Way Radio
  4. Mini Talk 7 FM Transceiver Two Way Radio

Mini Talk 7 FM Transceiver Two Way Radio

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Output power: 0.5W (License free to be used)
PC programmable programming 400-470MHz
Built-in rechargeable 1000mAH Li-ion battery
Mini appearance and comfortable operating.
VOX function could be turn on/off by programming
PC programmable function, MINI 3.5mm and 4 section earphone jack (Built-in good loudspeaker).
Channel scan setting (16 channels can be set). Add the channel to scan list which need to scan by software
Built-in CTCSS and CDCSS function.
The exposed RF antenna design makes the talk range farther.
USB programming cable (Common use with 3R), earphone, DC charger (Common use the charger jack with mobile Micro USB).
Soft touch power switch and volume control.

Talk Range

TypeTwoWay Radio
WalkieTalkie TypePortable
Maximum Range3km-5km
Frequency RangeUHF:400-470MHz
ModelNumberMINITALK 7
Battery capability1000mAHLi-ion battery
Outputpower0.5W(License free to be used)
Technical Specification
Battery capability1000mAH Li-ion battery
Standby≥ 20hours
Talk range> 3-5KM
Radio Weight
Transmitter part
Max modulation limit3KHz
Output power0.5W
TX current350mA
TX frequency offset±100Hz
Analog CTCSS0.5-0.85KHz
Adjacent channel power< -60Bc
TX Audio distortion< 5%
Receiver part
RX Sensitivity<-118dBm
Audio voltage>100mV
RX Audio distortion<3%
RX adjacent channel rejection>55dB
Supply current
Standby current50mA; Batter Save
TX current350mA
RX current65mA

Unit contain
MINI TALK 7 Radio×1
USB cable×1
Charger(EU/US/UA/UK plug) ×1
Manual EN×1