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  1. UV5R Dual Band Radio
  2. UV5R Dual Band Radio
  3. UV5R Dual Band Radio
  4. UV5R Dual Band Radio
  5. UV5R Dual Band Radio

UV5R Dual Band Radio

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1. Dual band handheld transceiver with display function menu on the display "LCD"
2. 2013 latest version, more stubborn case, more rich and enhanced features
3. Commercial FM radio receiver (65MHz ~ 108MHz)
4. Incorporates 105 codes "DCS" and 50 privacy codes "CTCSS" programmable
5. Broadband/Narrowband, selectable
6. Lithium-ion battery with high capacity
7. Voice companding 50 CTCSS / 104 DCS
8. VFO and Memory channels scan, Emergency Alarm
9. Tri-color background light selectable, 0 ~ 9 grades VOX selectable
10. Dual watch dual reception
11. Timer transmission "TOT" programmable
12. PC programming - Selecting the Scan Mode
13. Crossband reception - Tone end of transmission

Frequency Range65-108MHz (FM receiver only)
136-174MHZ and 400-520HZ (TX/RX)
Channel No.128
Frequency Stability±2.5ppm
AntennaHigh-gain dual-band antenna
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Operating VoltageDC 7.4V
Mode of OperationSimple or semi-duplex
Dimension (W x H x D)100 x 52 x 32 mm
Weight250g (including battery, antenna)
Earpiece/Mic TypeKenwood Plug type
Output Power5W / 1W (Max. 6W)
Modulation Mode16kΦF3E / 11kΦF3E
Maximum Deviation5kHz(Wide) / 2.5kHz(Narrow)
Spurious Radiation7μW
Adjacent Channel Power≤-65dB (Wide) / ≤-60dB (Narrow)
Pre-emphasis Characteristics6dB
CTCSS/DCS Deviation0.5±0.1kHz (Wide) / 0.3±0.1kHz (Narrow)
Intermediation Sensitivity8-12mv
Intermediation Distortion≤10%