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  2. D9000 Mobile transceiver
  3. D9000 Mobile transceiver
  4. D9000 Mobile transceiver
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D9000 Mobile transceiver

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Totally New-advancedmobile radio
Large dot matrix LCDdisplay
Compatible withvarious information and functions
UHF and VHF Mobile hamradio
512 channels capacity
Cross band and sameband repeater
8 colors LCD backlightto choose
Built-in threespeakers
Separate contronllerfor flexible installation
Listen to FM broadcaststation in Stereo

Car Mobile ModelD9000
Frequency Range136-174MHz & 400-480MHz Air band:109-135.995MHz(receiving)
Channel capacity512
Output powerVHF 40W/20W(144MHz) UHF 35W/20W(440MHz)
Operating Voltage13.8V DC±15%
Output powerVHF:40W,UHF:35W
Antenna Impedance50 ohm
Working Temperature-20°C-60°C
Frequency step5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz
Dimension(Exclude antenna)19*23*13cm
Weight(Include Battery)2.5k g

Compare with other mobile transceiver advantage:

displayBig display,show more message, Point display showsSmall display, Segment display frequencySmall display, Segment display frequency
speakerDual speakers, sound clearerSingle speakerSingle speaker
Antenna InterfaceDual Antenna InterfaceSingle Antenna InterfaceSingle Antenna Interface
Repeater functionyesnono
Microphone in hand functionHands microphone jackMicrophone jack on one handMicrophone jack on one hand
Frequency range8 frequency receiveSingleSingle
Fan slotPatented designConventional designConventional design